Get Acquainted & ‘Comfortable’ With Cousin

It's family reunion season, so now is the time to reach out and reconnect with the ones you hold near and dear. One such fella we love around here at SBHQ is our brother from another Rob Milton. The singer-songwriter has been rather busy this year, dropping several dope singles at the beginning of the year. Now our fam has connected with his sisters from another mister Kreion and Muna Hiluf to form super-trio Cousin and drop their beautiful new single "Comfortable."

"Comfortable" takes advantage of the group members' undeniable chemistry built by their frequent collaboration. The musical arrangement is sparse, with mainly atmospheric synths and occasional echoes of horns providing the backdrop. The main attraction here is the group's impeccable harmonies. The group sings in unison for the majority of the song, which is an ode to the ease of a budding relationship. Their voices melt together so effortlessly that it seems as if their voices become one, with only a flourish or ad-lib here or there to provide interesting counterpoints along the way. That paired with the pillow-soft arrangement gives the listener the feeling of floating among the clouds and drifting away into a dream.

With things sounding like this, it's easy to get used to having our new favorite Cousin around and we're definitely looking forward to more when the group's debut EP, Best Life, drops later this year. Get acquainted with Cousin when you give "Comfortable" a listen below.

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