MNEK & Hailee Steinfeld Deliver A Vibrant Fairytale In Living ‘Colour’

MNEK opened up June, also known as LGBTQ+ Pride Month with his new track, “Colour,” featuring Hailee Steinfeld. An uptempo pop record, the track celebrates how having love in your life can change your world for the better. Now he’s closing out the month letting us know that love is still love with the official video for the track.

In bringing “Colour” to life, MNEK gives us a fairytale where love takes you to places you never thought possible. Directed by Bradley & Pablo, the visual opens with MNEK, dressed in all white, putting on a pair of Beats headphones. We then see a digital clock reading 22:04:22 and counting. The scene then switches back to MNEK, sans headphones, walking aimlessly, around a white backdrop. However, he’s startled after a dancer, wearing a light blue outfit, prances by. Soon, we see other pastel-adorned dancers move onto the scene, joining our boy for a quick eight-count. We also get a new backdrop, as the white background changes to a mountainous terrain.

For his partner’s verse, we take a journey up that mountain to a castle, where Hailee, the Queen, wearing all red in contrast to MNEK’s white, is seduced by the singer’s charm. For the bridge, the lights go down except for a spotlight on Hailee and MNEK, who’s done in a quick outfit change into a rainbow version of Michael Jackson’s outfit from the "Rock With You" video. The light comes back as the two make their way down a red carpet, joined by a myriad of people rocking a variety of fashions and colors.

So, about that ticking clock? Well, the video ends with MNEK and Hailee running off set and the clip switching back to the white backdrop as the clock finally hits 00:00:00. The music slows to a crawl and the camera pans in on MNEK and his dancers before everything goes black.

“Colour” is the second single from MNEK’s upcoming album Tongue. The title track was a bop, and the poppy “Colour” is already a smash and a potential anthem for Pride celebrations all summer long. The pen behind many of your faves will continue to kick ass and take names when the album drops. When is that, you ask? We aren’t sure, but as soon as we know, you’ll know. Until then, hit play and get into MNEK’s vibrant fairytale.

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