Next Is On Their Late Night Creep In The Video For ‘Want It’

This past March, Raphael "Tweet" BrownTerry "T-Low" Brown and R.L. Huggar, better known as the trio Next, followed up on their promise of delivering new music with their song "Want It." A slow jam in step their former material, the single got us hot, bothered and hungry for more from the reunited group. After keeping fans on ice for a few months, they've finally released a music video for the comeback track.

Directed by Leo Marshall, the concept for the visual is simply a late-night booty call. The clip opens with a nighttime shot of the Atlanta skyline, before we see T-Low riding his bike through the streets on the way to get some loving after getting that WYD text and some scandalous pics on his phone. We also get separate vignettes of each member. Tweet, always the eye candy of the group, is once again happy to provide it. However, R.L. has been in the gym working on his fitness, too, and makes sure to show off his physique. There's some girl-on-girl action to turn up the heat to hotter as well. While the lyric about giving a woman Jell-O pudding pop like Cliff Huxtable still gives us pause, we're happy to say the video is sexy and entertaining and the fellas have still got that sauce.

Although "Want It" is a fine return to form for Next, the roll-out for their comeback album, Next Rated, has been a bit slow. We thought we’d get the album last year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut, Rated Next. However, that came and went. Nevertheless, we’re going to let R.L., Tweet and T-Low cook and do their thing if they keep churning out more joints like this.

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