SoulBounce Exclusive: Malunga Uplifts & Encourages In ‘Never Let Go’

East London songstress Malunga is the latest artist from across the pond looking to make a splash in the industry. Citing singers Robyn and Nelly Furtado as influences, Malunga describes her sound as a "blend of progressive pop and experimental soul." Those two genres collide with an undercurrent of electronica on her bold new single "Never Let Go."

"Never Let Go" has a strong dose of encouragement for anyone who needs to hear it. Malunga uplifts with lyrics like, "Live it, breathe it, see it, dream it / And I'm sure you will achieve it," and she continues her pep talk throughout the synth-heavy track. "Don't listen to their voices, listen to your heart / Don't you go running in circles, trying to look the part," she sings like a wise friend who always knows the right words to say to motivate you to be and do better.

"The song is about following your gut instincts and not being afraid of who you are...that strong conviction in your heart and the desire to follow your dreams no matter what it takes," Malunga shared with us about "Never Let Go." We see her own fearlessness in the James Pike-Watson-directed music video. His camera focuses exclusively on Malunga as she gracefully moves about a sparsely-decorated space and goes through a few wardrobe changes. There are some different camera angles and filters thrown in to make things interesting. Of the visual, she says, "I enjoy expressing myself through movement and I wanted to convey strong emotion and high energy."

See if Malunga achieves her goal and get some motivation to go after yours when you watch SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "Never Let Go." As of right now, this single isn't attached to any upcoming projects from the singer, but stay abreast of Malunga's moves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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