Sudan Archives Isn’t Here For Any Nonsense On ‘Nont For Sale’

Urban violinist and Bounce-Worthy artist Sudan Archives has dropped some heat for the summer on her new EP Sink and the single “Nont For Sale.” The chill little ditty finds the Los Angeles native just trying to stay sucker free and absorb a little sunshine as she continues to step into the limelight. And we ain’t the least bit mad.

“Nont For Sale” finds Sudan letting her hair down and getting some things off her chest. Basically, she doesn’t have time for haters, leeches or anyone trying to stop her shine or her coin. “Stay out of my bag and stay out of my flight path,” she sings matter of factly. The lyrics flow smoothly over a laid-back beat of tickled violin strings, maracas, finger snaps and drums.

The visual for “Nont For Sale” perfectly captures the vibe of the song. Co-directed by Sudan, Ross Harris and Leonardo Volcy, we follow our girl as she enjoys a day out with friends in a black L.A. neighborhood. However, more than just going to her local swap meet, we see our girl doing everyday things like going to the hair salon and beauty supply store. Sudan and her friends exude Black Girl Magic, joy and excellence.

“Nont” For Sale” can be found on Sudan Archives’ sophomore EP, Sink, which dropped last week on Stones Throw. Hit play to watch all this blackness in action and let these good vibes wash over you.

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