THEY. Tribute All The ‘Pops’ For Father’s Day

THEY. have released a new music video and we're pretty sure someone was cutting onions while we were watching it. The R&B duo comprised of  Dante Jones and Drew Love dropped a tribute to the men in their lives right before Father's Day with the track "Pops," and for anyone who has lost a father or father figure, the accompanying music  video tough to get through. The song, co-produced by J. Laser, features soaring acoustic guitar and serves as the perfect bed for the sentimental story of a complex father-son relationship.

The video starts with a teen boy getting ready to attend his father's funeral. "I got my drinking from my daddy / Used to kick the wisdom while he sipped up on his brandy / He pushed a Plymouth but that nigga used to whip it like a caddy / Never saw the method to his madness," sings THEY. After a family friend gives him encouraging words, we watch a montage of the young man go through good and bad memories of his now deceased dad. Keep watching the video to see what happens next with the young man as he navigates through his memories and feelings.

For Father's Day, THEY. partnered with a barbershop to give out free haircuts to all the dads out there. The duo broke into the scene last year with their special brand of grunge, electronic and pop on their debut album Nü Religion: HYENA, which ultimately landed them on tour with the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jeremih and Bryson Tiller. Now that we have new visuals from the duo, we're excited to see more as the year progresses. You can still cop Nü Religion: HYENA on iTunesApple and Spotify and "Pops" on all digital retailers. Grab your box of tissues, you know since you may have allergies, and watch THEY.'s new video for "Pops" right here.

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