Tiffany Evans Reminds Us That ‘Money Ain’t Everything’

At a time when cash seems to rule everything around us, singer-songwriter and actress Tiffany Evans rejects this sentiment and encourages us all to do the same. On her latest release “Money Ain’t Everything,” she questions the value we place in the almighty dollar. Over a mellow and somewhat eerie track, she asks, “Do I need money to have respect and power? / Society makes us think the world is ours / But these things, these things they all just fade away / And when you’re alone the truth is all you have to face.” The subject matter and the sincerity in her tone suggest the Bronx-born songstress has personally questioned the profit in gaining the world and losing one’s soul.

“I wrote and recorded this song four years ago when I was in a really vulnerable space in my life,” she said about the song. “I remember being fed up with the world being so materialistic to the point where we hurt others just to get what we want.” The 25-year-old songbird continued her wisdom-filled rant and explained, “I just wanted to spread a message that MONEY AIN'T EVERYTHING. It doesn't guarantee life or happiness or true love. Inner peace, compassion for others and your purpose is really all that matters in the end. In the wake of what’s happening in the world right now, I hope this song speaks to every soul out there that is seeking peace.”

Give Tiffany Evans’ “Money Ain’t Everything” a spin below and you too might feel the need to focus less on material things and more on the things in life that truly hold value. Though the track is not labeled as an official single, fans will be happy to hear that she is currently gearing up to release a new project later this year.

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