VanJess Has Us ‘Addicted’ To Their ‘COLORS’ Performance

VanJess already had us addicted to their latest track of the same name, and now they just upped the ante with a new performance for COLORS. The Nigerian-born, California-bred duo performed "Addicted" in the Berlin studio against a teal background, each wearing a red or white jumpsuit to add even more pops of color.

Ivana Nwokike and Jessica Nwokike give us effortless '90s R&B vibes as they strategically harmonize during the performance and sway to the music. The performance has us wanting more of their chill energy, as they deliver each lyric with all the confidence in the world.

Press play to watch VanJess' sultry COLORS performance, and try not to fall under their soulful spell. Expect even more from the Nwokike sisters who are putting the finishing touches to their album Silk Canvas now. If you find that you can't get enough of VanJess, be sure to purchase "Addicted" from your favorite digital retailer and join us in stalking their album's release.

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