Alina Baraz Shows She’s All ‘Yours’ In Her Performance Visual

Alina Baraz has pretty much mastered bringing the sensual and the sublime to her music. It's especially evident on her recent EP The Color Of You. Combining smoothed out soundscapes with slow-burning lyrics, Alina finds her sweet spot several times over on the nine-track effort. She also has discovered how to bring that feeling into her visuals as well. She's done it once again with the "performance visual" for the EP track "Yours."

"Yours" finds Alina longing to be the love of another. However, there's one catch: they've both got someone else. That doesn't stop her desire, however. As the song's seductive melody slinks and swells, she begs to loved like she's never gonna leave. In the video, Alina continues her simple approach with a series of close-ups that leave little to the imagination. That's mainly because Miss Baraz is taking Lil' Kim's fashion vice and is pretty much butt naked and draped in nothing but pearls. She makes sure to give the camera some smoldering eye contact as she poses and coos, making sure to reveal just enough to keep us watching and waiting for more. Oh, and in case you wanted to sing along while watching her display, the song's lyrics are also on full display for your wandering eyes.

Though this video is giving us quite the eyeful of the singer, we're be seeing even more of her The Tour trek, which she embarks on this fall. Before you rush off to get tickets, see what Alina Baraz is serving up in "Yours" below.