Frédéric Yonnet Jams With Dave Chappelle For NPR Music’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ Series

We've covered quite a few performances of NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series, each artist uniquely Bounce-Worthy in their own right. But during a recent visit to the Nation's Capital, harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet brought our jaws to the floor with what was hands-down one of the most unforgettable Tiny Desk sets we've ever seen.

For starters, Mr. Yonnet came with his very own emcee – the one-and-only Dave Chappelle. Of course, the inimitable comedian kept the crowd smiling with his humorous ways, but his admiration and respect for the Frenchman was very evident. Yonnet was backed by his fantastic Band With No Name: Dennis Turner (bass), Robbie McDonald (guitar), Christopher Bynum (drums), Daryl Hunt (keyboardist), Joe Herrera (trumpet), Matthew Rippetoe (trumpet, sax). And once they started playing, all eyes were on them.

SoulBounce was in the house (yep, that's our very own Mercy Chikowore dancing with Dave) as the harmonicist astounded the audience with his mastery of the instrument. After an impromptu teaser of his virtuosic skills, Frédéric led the band in a reggae jam called "Four20" that had the crowd (or Dave, at least) thrusting their lighters the air. The island-inspired groove was followed by "FRéEDlosophy," a ridiculously incredible display of Yonnet's dexterity and showmanship. When Chappelle requested some "sweltering-heat/I-don't-get-paid-enough" blues, the crew stunk it up (in the best way possible) and closed the set with "No Smokin' Blues."

We'll be looking forward to hearing the final cuts of these tracks and more when Frédéric Yonnet releases his new album, Reed My Lips: The Final Mix, in the near future. Until then, scroll down to watch the mini jam session and visit the artist's website for updates and more.

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