Kali Uchis Is Singing With The Fishes In ‘Dead To Me’

Singer, songwriter and vintage style aficionado, Kali Uchis is keeping her name in everyone's mouth with her album, Isolation. Not only has the project featured some great tracks but also a number of colorful and arresting visuals. Her latest, “Dead To Me (Acoustic),” is no different. A remix of an album track, Kali takes the opportunity to show off her pipes, letting the light accompaniment complement her vocal prowess.

With just some keys, a harp and mic, Kali delivers her manifesto to a jilted lover who can’t get with the program, singing, “So don't come for me / Unless I send for you / Ooh no, you're dead to me / Just don't come for me / I won't send for you.” While lyrics inspired by a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member might seem a bit corny, Kali knows how to play things up. Also, the girl knows how to sing, so she can probably make almost any catchphrase sound like Shakespeare.

In addition to an acoustic version of the track, Ms. Uchis has also dropped a clever visual. In the clip, the singer, dressed in a not-so-modest gold dress, is singing in a blue room behind a fish tank. In the background are two musicians sporting blue eyeshadow playing a keyboard and harp, respectively. It’s almost a bit too dark, serious and on-the-nose and feels like Kali is playing with us. She’s talking about someone being dead to her while singing in front of a fish tank, bringing to mind the infamous mob phrase “sleeping with the fishes.” Meanwhile, the musicians seem to give us their best impression of someone pretending to play an instrument. Or are they? In addition to these hijinks, we also see Uchis showing off her derriere and pressing her lips against the glass of the aquarium. The video screams, “We’re artists and we’re serious about our s**t. But not that serious.”

Kali Uchis’ Isolation has been listed on a number of Best of 2018 lists for good reason, with her singles “Tyrant,” “After the Storm” and “Get Up” (not to mention undeniable album track "Your Teeth In My Neck”) being bumped quite frequently at SBHQ. The singer will tour North America starting this fall with stops in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and more. Hit play and let us know if you’re living for Kali Uchis’ “Dead To Me.”



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