Mya Flexes Her Sexy Yet Again In ‘Damage’

Oh me, oh Mya! The sultry R&B chanteuse has outdone herself in the sexy department with her latest album TKO. Each song is a blazing hot come on that shows Mya knows how to bring the boys to the yard and keep them coming back for more. And to show that she's got the moves to back it up, her accompanying visuals have been fogging up our screens throughout the year. Now she's back to do it all over again with the video for her latest single "Damage."

In "Damage," Miss Mya approaches a similar aesthetic as her previous effort "You Got Me." She drapes her body in barely-there dancer's attire as she struts, slinks and moves all with the goal of turning you on. When the camera isn't focused our her lithe dancer's body, we get beauty shots of the singer and her newly colored hair as she coos the song's sexy lyrics. The video's director and choreographer Galen Hooks makes sure that our eyes take in every inch of Mya as she sings of offering herself up to a man she's sure can do damage in the most pleasurable way imaginable. By the clip's end, she's worked up enough of a sweat that her straightened tresses become damp and curly as she gives the camera onc last sexy stare for good measure.

Honestly, Mya's doing the damn thing in this clip, and we can't take our eyes off it. We're willing to bet that you'll feel the same when you press play below.

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