It’s A Celebration With Rob Milton’s ‘Birthday Song’

You've gotta love someone who gives you a gift on their birthday. Our fam Rob Milton is doing just that to celebrate his 29th revolution around the sun. Having given us several musical gifts on the solo tip this year (not to mention recently released single "Comfortable" from his trio Cousin), he's at it again with his latest, "Birthday Song (711)."

Though most people aim for crunk classics to ring in their personal holidays (think Luke's "It's Your Birthday" or 2 Chainz's own "Birthday Song"), Rob instead goes for a more subdued approach. A lilting acoustic guitar provides most of the song's melody, with Rob supplying the rest with his vocals. Add in the occasional inclusion of programmed drums and you've got the entire song's musical base. Rob builds the rest of it out with inspirational lyrics that turn it from a celebration of self into a celebration of the strength, perseverance and beauty within us all. "You know what it took to get you here," he opens the first verse. "Wasn't 'sposed to make it past 25 but you're still here / Might as well celebrate." From there, he encourages us all to commemorate life and living by taking part in a much-deserved celebration. It's hard not to hear this one and automatically crack a smile as it's squarely aimed at making us all feel good.

With his prolific output this year, we're expecting to hear a lot more out of Rob before 2018 is up. For now, though, join us in wishing him the happiest of birthdays by giving his "Birthday Song" a spin or 12 right here.

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