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Amber Rose Has A 'Theory' About Who 'Becky With The Good Hair' Really Is

While Beyoncé's Lemonade had a definite impact, most people had moved on from the search for "Becky With The Good Hair" mentioned in her kiss-off track "Sorry." That didn't stop Amber Rose from "jokingly" speculating that Carter family friend Gwyneth Paltrow is the aforementioned Becky during a recent podcast appearance. Her supporting proof? "They were like friends, and then, like, you don’t see Gwyneth Paltrow with Beyoncé anymore,” she said on the program. "It just seems like she was the one that was f**king JAY-Z, and now Gwyneth lost her husband, but, like, Beyonce’s still with Jay.” Um, OK. For her part, Gwyneth emphatically denies the "theory." Her rep told Entertainment Tonight, "The whole story is completely absurd and 100 percent false." #CanWeJustLetThisDieAlready

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