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Bobby Brown Denies Ever Abusing Whitney Houston — Even Though It's Publicly Documented

With The Bobby Brown Story set to debut on BET in September, Bobby Brown himself is starting to make the press rounds. However, it seems that he's not ready for the tough questions. During a recent press tour panel for the Television Critics Association, the singer decided to present some revisionist history when asked about the abuse that occurred during his marriage to Whitney Houston. After saying that he has some regrets in life, a reporter asked if that extended to the documented abuse. Bobby's response? "There was no violent incidents between me and Whitney so, no." The reporter pressed on and was shut down again. That led to another reporter actually reading from a news story that excerpted Whitney's 911 call — which by the way is public record. Bobby tripled down, reported saying, "The public record is wrong," before the event was cut short by a BET rep. This is going to be an interesting press tour. #WhatchuTalkinBoutBobby

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