Tracy Cruz & Brandon Williams Make Magic On ‘Art Of Facts’ EP

As the summer gets into full swing, singer/songwriter Tracy Cruz makes good on her promise to complete the rollout of her EP trilogy by the end of July. She began the emotional journey through love and loss with the release of the first installment, H3artifacts. The mood was kept a bit melancholy with minimalist production, featuring nothing more than Bennett Roth-Newell’s passionate piano work alongside Cruz’s deep rich vocals. On June 30th, she followed this project with the release of her Art of Facts EP, which was produced entirely by GRAMMY-nominated artist and SoulBounce fam Brandon Williams.

Though it picks up where the first EP left off in terms of subject matter, the feel of this latest offering is more hopeful and relates more to a person who has found their way after experiencing the down-side of love. The lead single "Keep Our Soul Alive" served as a mid-tempo reminder to keep pressing towards one’s own happiness, while the track “Into the Sun” feels like you’ve stepped out of the shadows and are now basking in its warm rays. “Bloom” and "Love Has Come My Way” continue the celebration of inner strength and provides a jazzy soundtrack to finding the courage to love again.

Embark on a soulful journey with Tracy Cruz and check out her new EP Art of Facts. Show your support for her work by purchasing all of her projects, which are available now on multiple platforms including her website and iTunes. The trilogy will be complete with the release of the final installment Purple H3artifacts on Saturday, July 28th. This project will be the full-band version of H3artifacts and will feature her band Instrumentali-T, who were also featured on the EP's lead single "My H3art Says To You." She describes this final offering as “music about when you’ve accepted who you are, and you take your experience and lessons and can share that with others,” and the overall goal of the trilogy is to “heal others.”

Tracy will be taking her message of love and healing on the road on the H3artifacts Tour over the next few weeks. After you listen to Art of Facts, view her tour dates and make plans to catch her live below.

Tracy Cruz H3artifacts Tour dates:

July 28: Charlotte, NC @ Loft & Cellar
July 29: Atlanta, GA @ Soul Village
August 3: Columbia, SC @ Chayz Lounge (Nonnah’s)
August 4: Columbia, SC @ Chayz Lounge (Nonnah’s)
August 5: New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
August 27: Oakland, CA @ Yoshi’s

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