VanJess Tap Into Their Sultry Side For ‘Control Me’

Sisters Jessica Nwokike and Ivana Nwokike, better known as VanJess, have had us enamored with their silky smooth stylings for quite some time now. So you know we're super excited to get our hands on their debut album Silk Canvas, which will soon arrive. They've already given us plenty of singles to jam to ahead of the project, but they give us one more to tide us over with the release of their latest, "Control Me."

Where the duo has been dealing with the romantic side of things with their previous release, they take things up a notch with the sultry groove of "Control Me." Percussion percolates under ghostly synth chords, creating a sultry backdrop for sisters to seduce listeners. Like "Addicted," they sing about a guy who's got them open and hooked on his love. Something about this groove, however, feels more seductive. Perhaps it's how they play their voices off one another, with one taking on a lower and raspier tone and the other sister utilizing a higher register. Or it could be how the ladies describe some intimate moments. "Making me weak / The devil indeed / He going to town so I pull up the sheets," Jessica sings at one point, allowing us to feel her sensory overload as well. But solo moments aren't the only draw, as their harmonies here are just as tight as ever here, too.

A video for "Control Me" should be on its way soon, probably just ahead of Silk Canvas' July 27th release date. But before that arrives, get into the sexy vibes of the song by checking it out below.

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