Janet Jackson Storms ‘The Tonight Show’ With A Performance ‘Made For Now’

Janet Jackson is a cultural icon, so her turning out an iconic performance is par for the course. But for her first late-night performance in over 14 years, Janet showed everyone why she deserves all the praise. She stepped out on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's stage on Friday's episode to close out the show with her new hit single "Made For Now" and wowed the audience and the world in the process.

For her performance, Janet leaned hard into the African motif from the song's video and began the set with drummers in the aisles. As the global feeling track began, Miss Jackson started from a seated position after an intro from the track's guest Daddy Yankee before getting into the swing and groove of things. Flanked by a troupe of dancers — including the song's choreographer Danielle Polanco and her regulars Denzel Chisolm and Dominique Battiste — her performance harkened back to classic moments she's turned out for television in years past. However, this newer era feels a bit more inclusive, as it's obvious that Janet is going for a more international appeal both in sound and scope while embracing the sounds and look of the African diaspora. Since she's bringing this kind of energy more than 40 years into her entertainment career, it's safe to say that Janet will continue her musical reign now and forever.

If you happened to miss the superb spectacle, get an eyeful of Janet Jackson doing the damn thing like only she can on The Tonight Show below.

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