MNEK Provides Hope In This ‘Crazy World’ Ahead Of Debut Album ‘Language’

After what seemed like an eternity, MNEK is finally ready to give us the proper debut album we've all been waiting for him to deliver. The singer and in-demand songwriter who's given us countless singles throughout the past few years recently announced that his debut Language is set to arrive September 7th. Of course, he's been prepping us for the release all year with his singles "Tongue" and "Colour." Now, with weeks to go before the album's release, he's giving us another single release with "Crazy World."

The song finds MNEK playing with a universal message and a global feel. The global feel is provided an almost tribal house rhythm that pops from the track's beginning. He combines that with vocal arrangements straight out of a Baptist church's choir pews. The juxtaposition of sounds makes for an interesting mix that propels his vocal forward, which is good as he's got a lot to say. The song finds him addressing the ills of the world — including police brutality, rigged judicial systems and homophobia. While the subject matter seems especially dire, he offers hope by expressing that part of the human struggle is providing solace for those just trying to stay alive.

"Crazy World" is just a bit of what we can expect when Language drops. “This album is so special to me because it’s something I’ve put my heart and soul into writing and producing and singing (and apparently rapping too!),” he told NME about the project. We'll be waiting on pins and needles to hear what's in store when it arrives next month. Check out both "Crazy World" and its inventive lyric video below.