Nai Palm Blazes The Raceway In ‘Crossfire’

There were many releases that made quite a bit of noise in 2017, but Needle Paw — the solo debut of Hiatus Kaiyote frontwoman Nai Palm — possessed a quiet power that was undeniable. After it's arrival, we found ourselves transfixed with the soulfully acoustic offering. She surprisingly only released one video, the black-and-white clip for "Homebody," from the set...that is until now. She finally gives us a second video from the set with "Crossfire."

She takes us to the unusual setting of an Australian race track in the video, introducing us to a cast of characters — including stunt driver Kenno and stuntwoman/antagonist Cat Scobie. Thought the setting might seem weird, it matches the vibe of the jangly, almost western sound of the song. Meanwhile, the filming of the clip captures a kind of Quentin Tarantino vibe, especially as Cat seems to be playing a frenemy to our girl Nai. Despite her annoying (and masochistic) attempts to get her attention, Nai Palm keeps on with her song as she reminds us that a crossed road is better than a crossfire when it comes to love. Eventually, we see her with the flaming swords she brandished in "Homebody," only this time she's igniting a pattern of flammable liquid before the video goes up in the smoky vocals that signal the transition of the song to a cover of "I'm So Into You." Unfortunately, we're not treated to her delightful interpretation of the song, though you can hear it in full on the album version.

Check out the action-packed clip for "Crossfire" below.

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