Snoh Aalegra & Luke James Come Together For ‘Out Of Your Way’

Snoh Aalegra's back in a big way, y'all. She was laying low for quite a while before returning to us with a surprise combo video for "Sometimes" and "Worse" from her debut album FEELS. She continues with the surprise releases with a reimagined version of her album track "Out Of Your Way," this time around adding crooner Luke James into the mix to create a tender duet.

The original version touches on the hesitation that manifests in relationships, especially when you're trying to get closer. As a solo single, it's a relatable situation that we've all been in. Turned into a duet, it's an exploration into the odd struggle between the brain and the heart. "Feeling you, feeling all of you, babe / Hear me out, 'cause I go out of my way," they sing in unison on the chorus. "Can I come your way, babe, if it isn't too late? / If it is, if it is, I'll stay out of your way." Underscoring their words is a combination of feather-soft flute and guitar atop a slow, sultry drum rhythm that only serves to intensify the romantic feel of the track. While we didn't expect a Luke/Snoh collaboration to ever materialize (nor did we consider the possibility), it is one of the most pleasant surprises we've heard.

Do yourself a favor and stop what you're doing to take a listen to the loveliness that is this Snoh Aalegra and Luke James duet below.

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