Sway Clarke Ponders What Went Wrong On ‘I Thought It Was Love’

Summer's nearing its close, and we hate to see it go. But the good thing about summer's wind down is that we're getting all the chilled out tracks that come as the season transitions to fall. The latest entry in this category is Sway Clarke's newest release "I Thought It Was Love."

Sway, who recently broke free of label politics and transitioned to being a full-fledged indie artist, comes from the heart on the track. He tells of the bottom unexpectedly falling out of a love he thought was solid. He addresses his former lover directly, asking her what he's supposed to do now that she's out of love. "Without you it feels like / Sun came up for a minute," he sings on the song's bridge. "Without you it feels like / I lost myself for a minute." He goes into further detail throughout the song, ultimately revealing that he "thought it was me and you 'til death." While that all feels rather heavy, the song's producer JESUSCMPLXX makes things feel breezy with a chilled out electro-soul groove heavy on moody synth and anchored by drums borrowed from Mtume's classic jam "Juicy Fruit." All that and Sway's cool falsetto make this one required listening at your end of summer jam.

"I Thought It Was Love" is just the latest coming from Sway Clarke's way, as the singer-songwriter has been releasing a few songs throughout 2018, including recent tracks "Sad Kanye" and "Drugs." We're pretty sure we'll be getting more from him before the year is out. Check out "I Thought It Was Love" below.

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