Tamia Teaches Us To Love Fearlessly On ‘Deeper’

Singer, songwriter and force of nature Tamia has been turning heads and taking names in the lead up to her new album Passion Like Fire. She returned to the music scene leaving us shocked and awed with a banger of a first single, “Leave It Smokin,” and its hot like fire music video. She then gave us the sentimental wedding song, “Today I Do.” Now she’s giving us a classic power ballad with the track "Deeper" and sharing how love can make the world a better place.

“I have loved and I have lost,” Tamia's manifesto begins. She lays out her experiences like the best resume in the world, while also inspiring us to be more and do more because of all of life's possibilities. Produced by Colombian musician Julio Reyes Copello, the ballad is pretty much just Tamia’s stunning voice accompanied piano and soaring background vocals. And when it comes to Tamia, that’s all you really need. She stretches her pipes not only to clearly deliver the message but to give us some emotional resonance to boot.

You can hear Tamia perform “Deeper” and more hits from her catalog on her upcoming Passion Like Fire Tour starting September 18th in Cleveland. For the time being, hit play to go “Deeper” with Tamia.

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