Feel Vivian Green’s Good ‘Vibes’

Vivian Green's VGVI is one of her best albums yet and another example of how well she and Kwame work together as artist and producer. There's another fruitful professional relationship in Vivian's life, however, and that's her undeniable chemistry with photographer-turned-director Derek Blanks. The two last linked up for the scorching hot video for "I Don't Know," in which Vivian played herself and around-the-way baddie Royal. The two link up yet again for "Vibes," the newest video release from her jammin' 2017 album.

This time around, Vivian plays a happy-go-lucky waitress with musical aspirations. It opens with her getting to work an hour late and her old school boss reminding her that her music isn't her main gig. She shrugs all of that off, though, preparing herself to deliver service with a smile. Meanwhile, as the song begins to play, we're taken back to what actually made her late in the first place. Her truck stalled out on her way in apparently. But rather than cuss or fight fate, she lays on the hood and enjoys the extra time she has in her day. The video continuously shifts between this scene, scenes of her serving customers – including her son and Kwame – under her boss' disapproving gaze and visions of a more glammed up Viv showing off her supermodel good looks for the camera.

Ultimately, "Vibes" is all about fun times and, well, good vibes. Go ahead and get you some of Vivian Green's sunshine when you check out the video for "Vibes" below.

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