6LACK Tries To Mend The ‘Disconnect’ On ‘COLORS’

Fresh off the release of his second LP East Atlanta Love Letter, which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, singer/songwriter/rapper 6LACK sets a melancholy tone with his recent performance of “Disconnect” for COLORS.  Armed with only a dangling microphone and donning a rhinestone-encrusted Scarface t-shirt, the Baltimore-born, Atlanta-raised artist gets completely into his R&B bag as he sings about the struggle to keep love alive. Vocally, his tone is deliberate yet weary with despair as he sings, “Love is not looking over shoulders / Love is you should trust what I told you / Lately it's like you been speaking fantasy and I'm speaking reality / 'Cause we got problems we ain’t getting over.”

The minimalist COLORS studio provides an opportunity to showcase artists’ raw talent without the distractions of theatrics, decorations or even instrumentation. Alone in a dimly lit room with just his thoughts, 6LACK's voice only competes with the off-camera piano that accompanies him. 6LACK has proven once again that he can switch between singing and rapping with seemingly effortless precision.

Watch 6LACK’s intimate performance of “Disconnect,” and be sure to cop the full album from the digital platform of your choice. Fans can catch him on the road as he kicks off his From East Atlanta With Love tour next month in Cape Town, South Africa. Find your city and grab your tickets on his website as he makes his way across Africa, Europe, Australia and the U.S.