Ari Lennox Is Haunted By Love In ‘Whipped Cream’

We all have that one ex that took a little longer to shake than others. With the release of her single "Whipped Cream," Ari Lennox became the latest artist to provide a soundtrack to that feeling. The song found the singer pouring her heart out over a slowed sample of Cameo's "Two Of Us," revealing just how much of an emotional wreck she's been since her and her former bae have parted ways. She continues the song's narrative in its video, which demonstrates just how haunted she is by the love affair.

The clip shows Ari sleepwalking through life, from the comfort of her own home to the streets of her Washington, D.C. hometown. No matter where she is, she's seeing visions of her and her ex in happier times. He's there as she waits to catch a ride on the Metro, lounging on the Persian rug in her apartment and even when she's simply enjoying a milkshake while sitting alone at a diner. Though she's an emotional wreck, you would never know it from the glam looks she wears throughout the video, especially a crystal-embellished number she rocks during the video's midway point. The video is pretty effective in showing just how lasting the effects of a love gone sour can be, especially when one party just wasn't ready to let go.

Seeing as Ari Lennox is currently wrapping up recording her debut album, we imagine that this won't be the last stunning visual we'll get from the songstress, but it's definitely a great first impression. Check it out below.

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