Arin Ray Risks It All In ‘Communication’ With Some Help From DRAM

Though he stays quite booked and busy these days, singer/songwriter Arin Ray recently circled back to the lead single from his highly acclaimed debut album Platinum Fire. The Cincinnati native has dropped the video for the track “Communication,” which features VA’s own DRAM. Arin’s voice glides over the dreamy Childish Major-produced track as he reassures his love of his devotion singing, “Won't lie I'm still trying to get through / But you're still my love, love, love / In time we'll be fine don't confuse / Cause you're still my love, love, love.” Big Baby DRAM chimes in to clearly state his intentions in between well-placed samples of the legendary Marvin Gaye classic “I Want You.”

The accompanying Kenneth Wynn-directed visual plays out like a modern version of the R. Kelly versus Ronald Isley as Mr. Biggs drama that unfolded in the mid-90s. Though Arin attempts to keep his tryst and plans to run away with the bossman’s woman on the down low, one of his hating counterparts tips the powerful kingpin off to the forbidden couple’s affair. Staying just a few steps ahead, the two are able to escape the don’s wrath as they make their getaway just in time. The dramatic capture is made less heavy with performance clips of Arin and DRAM getting their smooth two-step on.

Watch Arin Ray’s action-packed video for “Communication” featuring DRAM below. We get this feeling this isn’t the end of the story for this love triangle so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for a possible part two. In the meantime, grab your tickets and catch Arin on the road as he’s lined up multiple dates in California, Washington and Oregon from the end of September through mid-October.

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