Bey Bright Gives ’90s R&B Throwback Realness On ‘Soul Nostalgia’ EP

'90s R&B is all the rage nowadays. It's as if R&B songs from that time haven't been this popular since, well, the '90s. The decade undoubtedly produced some bangers that still bang to this day and will likely never stop. R&B has changed and evolved since then, but many artists of today are trying to recreate the magic from that era with mixed results. Some like Ella Mai are able to find that sweet spot with a song like "Boo'd Up," but more often than not there are more misses than hits. With his latest project, producer Bey Bright falls into the latter category and delivers an authentic collection of '90s throwbacks with the EP Soul Nostalgia.

On Soul Nostalgia, Bright not only brings straight '90s R&B to the forefront, but he also features tracks where the genre intersects with hip-hop, soul and house, as it often did back in the day. "Feels So Right" conjures up hip-hop soul with soulful vocals over a hip-hop sample. "Together As One" would have fit perfectly onto BET's Midnight Love. "No More Love (Soulful House Remix)" is a high-energy jam ideal for a '90s party and soul clap.

Sonically, Bey Bright has the sound of the '90s down, but the songs also feel like they're from the era lyrically. "Your Love (Silky Soul Remix)" references "hitting them skins" while on "Special (Bad Boy Indie Soul Remix)" a rapper at the beginning of the track spits about keeping his lady "dipped in Louis V and Chanel." The lyrical content is both nostalgic, on point and slightly hilarious given the outdated slang.

Bey Bright is joined by fellow indie artists Caronne Jones, Nia Simmons, Ezinne, Blez and Anissa Hargrove who lend their talents to bring the '90s back to life, back to reality on the six-track EP. And they've done exactly that. Soul Nostalgia sounds like something that you'd listen to while dipping on your Ninja Honda with Tanisha and Rhonda (word to Lil Kim) as you're rushing to get home to watch Martin with your boo thang.

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