JMSN Brings The Drama In ‘Mind Playin’ Tricks’

If you know anything about JMSN, you know that the Detroit-bred singer always drops off unique visuals for his singles. For his latest track "Mind Playin' Tricks," he does it again.  The music video opens with JMSN begging and pleading on a payphone in the middle of nowhere before he steps away to sing and dramatically drops to his knees. He's clearly distraught about something or someone until a friend shows up and they go for a drive with JMSN behind the wheel. From there, things take a few interesting turns.

We see that JMSN and his passenger are strapped and they both make sure that their artillery is loaded before they take a night drive through the city. Later, they find themselves at yet another payphone, and JMSN is now more agitated. The Natalie Falt-directed video gives us a strong '80s vibe with neon lights and intense shots of JMSN and his sidekick. They stop to make a withdrawal mid-video and the ride continues to yet another pay phone. JMSN then meets up with an older gentleman in a dark alley, further adding to the clip's intrigue as you try to figure out exactly what's going down.

"Mind Playin' Tricks" can be found on JMSN's newly released album Velvet, which includes previous singles "Talk Is Cheap" and "So Badly." You can cop the new album now on your favorite digital retailer and watch the riveting video for "Mind Playin' Tricks" right here.

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