SoulBounce Exclusive: Applejac Takes Some Time To Remix Skillz’s ‘In A Minute’

SoulBounce extended family Applejac has been on fire lately. Back in May, he blessed us with a banging remix of Childish Gambino's "This Is America," which we world premiered right here. Now Applejac is back at it with another hot remix and so are we with another SouBounce exclusive world premiere. This time around, Applejac sets his creative sights on Skillz's summer jam "In A Minute" and works his magic.

Skillz recently posted the "In A Minute" a cappella to his SoundCloud and Applejac jumped on it. Already a bop, "Applejac's Unhooked Generation Remix" replaces the original sound bed with an equally two-steppable groove. Under Skillz's slick talking, Applejac adds a new beat, handclaps, violin and synths to give it an entirely new, chilled-out vibe that you can dance to or press pay and relax, relate, release.

What can we say, our main man Applejac has done it again. His remix will join the original in heavy rotation. Take some time to listen to how he flipped "In A Minute," and if you're digging his rework as much as we are, then be sure to cop the free download that we're offering up while supplies last.

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