SoulBounce Exclusive: Zaena x Jason Maek ‘Get To Work’ At McDowell’s In ‘Coming To America’-Themed Video

This past June, the movie Coming To America turned 30 years old. The classic Eddie Murphy comedy will still set a night of Netflix and chill off with heavy doses of laughs and nostalgia. A sequel to the film, reportedly entitled Coming 2 America, is in the works, but in the event that you can't wait for that to hit the big screen, the eclectic Chicago-based duo Zaena x Jason Maek have got you covered with their Coming To America-themed music video for their single "Get To Work."

Conceptualized and directed by duo member Jason Maek, the visual is a spot-on homage and hilarious remix of the film. Although they don't take us to Zamunda at any point in the clip, the pair picks up the action when Murphy's Prince Akeem finds himself in Queens, New York. Maek plays Prince Akeem working at McDowell's while Zaena plays a number of roles, including Semmi, Randy Watson and Clarence and Saul, two characters from the infamous barbershop in the flick. They go all in with their mini-remake from including eye-catching animation to their on-point costumes to Zaena's hysterical head-to-toe makeovers.

“I loved remaking Coming To America for this song because sonically, 'Get To Work' is classic and raw,” Zaena shared about her experience. “Recreating this was awesome, and I got to be three dudes. Can’t top that.” While she was geeked to play dress up, Jason just wanted to make sure they did right by the legendary film. “Either we were going to nail this, or it was going to be a disaster. There was no middle ground,” he admits before rightly giving them their props.“ I think we did a good job in paying homage while giving people a little nostalgia.”

Good job? Mr. Maek is clearly being modest. Zaena x Jason Maek put in work and created something dope that they can be proud of. And aside from this extremely entertaining video, "Get To Work" is a certified bop.

Zaena x Jason Maek have more in store, including their second collaborative album together entitled Freshman. Be on the lookout for that project, and stay in the loop with this creative twosome by following Zaena and Jason on their respective Instagram pages.

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