Moon Boots Adds More Fire To Tamia’s ‘Leave It Smokin”

Tamia's officially back with her new album Passion Like Fire steaming up our playlists and her performance at this year's Black Girls Rock! showing that she's still got it. She didn't have much to prove though, especially with Passion Like Fire's lead single "Leave It Smokin'" giving us all the sensuality and life we could want. Now we get to revisit the single in a completely new way thanks to producer Moon Boots' remix of the track.

The remix takes the song's title to heart, delivering a smokin' hot rework that leans heavy on disco influences. Moon Boots takes chopped samples of Tamia's vocal and adds them into a swirling mix of percussion that's heavy on hi-hats and cowbell. Also in the mix is a bit of electronic organ and a thick bass line, giving the remix some body and flair that takes it up a notch. However, the most surprising and intriguing thing that Moon Boots does here is the inclusion of a jazz piano solo midway through the track. The bright, happy instrumentation takes the song from a simple house remix into inspired territory and warrants a few replays.

While we're not anywhere near done with giving Tamia's Passion Like Fire repeated spins, we'll gladly work this Moon Boots remix of "Leave It Smokin'" into our rotation as well. You can give it your own spin below and head here to pick up your own copy from your retailer of choice.

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