Andreya Triana Is A ‘Woman’ Ready To Live Her ‘Life In Colour’

Whenever we had the urge to hear some deep house or electro-soul this year, British singer-songwriter Andreya Triana was queued in our playlists – thanks to a smattering of guest features with DJs/producers like Pablo Nouvelle, Bondax, Danny Howard and Simon Field. But quite some time has passed since she's blessed us with some newness of her own. That's why we're pretty excited about her recent announcement that her third album, Life In Colour, will be released in February 2019.

When discussing the album, Ms. Triana explained, “‘Life In Colour' is a metaphor for letting go of societal and personal limitations and stepping into my womanhood...creating a space of creative freedom, full of colour and energy to empower myself." This bold spirit takes musical form through the album's lead single, "Woman."

Produced by Dimitri Tikovoi, the empowering song joins the growing list of anthems that celebrate the fierceness of womanhood. The spirited instrumentals take their cues from Andreya as she chronicles her self-loving journey from an insecure child who hid her curves under baggy clothes to a confident queen secure enough to know that breaking down doesn't mean you're weak. "I can rule like a queen / Be a superhero / Hold my head high the further I go / I know I can love myself more than anyone else / I am fire and the world's gotta know / I am woman!" Yes, sister...say it again for the folks in the back!

Listen to "Woman" below and watch the colorful lyric video to let the words sink in. Thankfully, we don't have to wait until February to download the powerful track – it's currently available when you pre-order Life in Colour. Visit Andreya's website to see her current UK tour schedule and stay tuned for more updates.

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