Kiana Ledé Is Just Trying To Move On In ‘Get In The Way’

Singer, songwriter and actress Kiana Ledé has been building a strong base in the world of R&B. Her debut EP Selfless boasts several playlist-worthy tracks, including “EX,” “Shame” and “Fairplay.” On her latest single “Get In The Way,” Ledé is trying to leave a relationship that’s already over except for the touchin’, huggin’ and lovin’. Unfortunately, letting go of that good-good is often the hardest part.

“All we do is f**k then regret it / F**k and forget it,” Kiana laments over the mid-tempo thumper produced by TheCulture and Rice N’ Peas. The gang gives her a nice groove full of bouncy synths, sparse keys and drums to lay out her frustrations with her lover. Kiana uses a couple different flows, going from a laid-back sing-song rap flow to more traditional R&B runs.

In the video for “Get In The Way,” Kiana is hanging outside of an airport, watching the planes go by as she contemplates making her own moves. However, love is complicated, so she’s wandering outside, at baggage claim and playing around on an escalator. Will she finally find the resolve to catch that flight, or will she be stuck in an endless purgatory of indecision? From all the rap hands she's throwing, we hope she collects her bags and jets, but life just ain't that simple.

Hit play and watch Kiana Ledé's conundrum in "Get In The Way."

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