Quincy Aims To Satiate His Sexual Appetite On ‘Devour’

Last time we checked in with singer/actor Quincy, he had wholesome seduction on his mind with his last single "Snuggle Up." Welp, wholesome is straight up out of the window with the release of his new track "Devour" as the Star star lets his lady know that he has quite the sexual appetite and she's definitely on tonight's menu.

Before he gets down to business, Quincy allows the hypnotic groove to set the table. Soft, sighing synths set the slow jam off nicely. When mixed with hard 808 thumps and staggered snare hits, it's an inviting feast for the ears that's hard to pass up. Quincy takes it from there, offering a choice selection of come-ons and food-based double entendres. Some definitely work, especially when presented with the sly charm he's known for. It's the more earnest ones, however, that fall flat. We definitely give him an "A" for effort, but saying someone tastes like Fruit by the Foot will undoubtedly be a record-scratch moment during any lovemaking session.

Quincy's way with words aside, "Devour" is a serviceable bedroom jam that's sure to whet a few appetites out there — especially for those who already find the heartthrob simply irresistible. But will it make it on your regular listening menu? Taste and see when you press play.

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