SoulBounce Exclusive: Ladi6 Color Outside The Lines In ‘Diagonals’

New Zealand outfit Ladi6 always manage to keep our heads nodding or feet moving with their music. Last year they had us vibing out to the track "Guru," taken from their Royal Blue 3000 EP, and its myriad of remixes. Now, for their first piece of music of 2018, they give us a new groove with the song "Diagonals" and its accompanying music video in a SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

Ladi6 take their cues from the classic electronic sounds of Kraftwerk for "Diagonals." Ladi, the voice of Ladi6, and producers/bandmates Parks, Julien Dyne and Brandon Haru use a variety of synths and live drums to craft a funky soundscape. When the beat drops in, you'll find it hard to resist the pull to the dance floor.

Although the song personally makes us want to twerk a little something, a pair of dancers in the "Diagonals" video display some different dance moves. Director Garth Badger and animator Robert Wallace bring the single's colorful cover art to vivid life with the dancing duo as the center of attention. They go through a few cool wardrobe changes as they move in unison with militaristic precision.

Aside from the song being a bop, "Diagonals" has a message in the music – one of many that Ladi6 plan to deliver on their forthcoming album. Ladi6 describes "Diagonals" as "a celebration and acceptance of all that is skewed, uncommon and twisted, a happy detachment and departure from that which is linear and typical." If there's one thing we've learned about the soulful Kiwis in our years of following them, they are far from typical and always keep us on our toes. Download or stream "Diagonals" from the digital platform of your choice, and good luck in sitting still when you press play on the song and video below.

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