Tamia Wants You To Know That ‘It’s Yours’

Tamia most definitely came with the sexy on her latest album Passion Like Fire. If you haven't listened yet (for shame!) then you need look no further than lead single "Leave It Smokin'" for an idea of the kind of grown folks' music she is serving up on the sultry set. Following in that spirit, the project's newest single is bedroom banger "It's Yours."

Tamia isn't playing around on this one. The songstress lets it be known from jump that you shouldn't be sleeping too hard while she's laying there beside you. Why, you ask? "I might want some of you," she coos breathlessly. She makes it pretty clear that she's always down for the get down with her boo and whenever he'd like to get it, he can have it. Helping to bolster this claim is a bold beat that walks the fine line between ballad and banger thanks to a combo of piano, synths, thumping bass and hi-hats that's sure to turn you on.

We don't know what's gotten into Tamia on this album, but we love seeing the singer's sexier side. Take a listen to "It's Yours" below. And if you've been slacking on picking up Passion Like Fire, consider this your motivation to do so.

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