Tank And The Bangas’ Dreams Are Out Of This World In ‘Spaceships’

New Orleans next wave outfit Tank And The Bangas has had our attention for quite some time and the Bounce-Worthy band continue to capture it with the video for their out-of-this-world joint "Spaceships." The song is a "wait 'til I get my money right" anthem about the finer things in life that come when you finally get the success you deserve. More specifically, it's about all the wild s**t they'll be spending their bread on when that gravy train finally stops around their way. They further expand on the concept in the fun and funny video for the track.

The clip focuses on the quintet as they slog through a shift at a convenience store in Bangaville. While things in the store might be mundane and minimum wage at the moment, their fantasy lives are rich AF. Each member gets a chance to drift in and out of Technicolor daydreams in which their success is on 100 and their pockets are fat. One member has dreams of being a (slightly crooked) investment banker, another wishes to be a rock star complete with groupies and velvet ropes. Then there's the one who dreams of being a botoxed TV game show host while another dreams of being a cash-grabbing personal injury lawyer. As for singer Tarriona "Tank" Ball, she envisions herself as a fried chicken-eating fitness expert. All that's going on and we haven't even commented on the Bebe's kids running around causing trouble and all the other colorful things happening.

If you, too, have been dreaming of a come-up, then we highly recommend you dip with Tank And The Bangas "Spaceships" and watch the video below.

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