Ella Mai Gets ‘Boo’d Up’ & Takes A ‘Trip’ To ‘Saturday Night Live’

Live from New York, Saturday Night Live's 44th season is in full swing. This year they've kept us watching not only with their hilarious skits and biting political humor but with a steady stream of musical guests. Y'all's cousin Kanye West showed his tail on the season premiere, but subsequent performances by Travis Scott and Lil Wayne have been entertaining. Hip-hop acts have been hitting SNL's stage hard so far this year, but this past Saturday night R&B took over with Ella Mai gracing center stage in her SNL debut.

Fresh from last month's release of her self-titled debut album, Ella decided to keep things familiar and sing "Boo'd Up" for her first performance of the night. We get it, the track is her biggest hit and one of the biggest hits of the year for that matter, but we had hoped that she would have started off with "Trip" then sang something new from the album, maybe even her next single. That minor quibble aside, what really gave us pause was Ella's vocals. We don't know if it was a case of bad nerves, lack of practice or what, but her voice was marred by struggle. Even when she trotted out "Trip" for her second song of the night, it was more of the same. We hope that this was just an off night for the songstress, but it's unfortunate it had to happen on such a public stage.



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