Gene Noble Recalculates ‘The Cost’

When it comes to life and love, nothing is free. Everything has its cost and, unfortunately, by the time we figure out the toll, it’s often too late. Known for his ability to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics and convey raw emotion with his signature runs, GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Gene Noble returns with his own R&B spin on rapper Emilio Rojas’ single “The Cost.” Featured on the hook of the original, Noble makes things personal and tells the tale of endlessly giving and never receiving over a brooding yet dreamy Illmind-produced track. His tone is full of pain and frustration as he sings, “I’m who they call when anything goes down / I grab my cape and hold them all down / But they go ghost when my turn is around / Who gon be fair to me? No, it ain't fair / But I’m brand new if I don’t pick up / It’s so sick, I gotta switch up.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Noble explains, “The high Cost of fame... the high Cost of dreams... the high Cost of love, friendships and relationships.... it can be a bit heavy to consider and yet as social beings, interaction is necessary. All of our desires are reachable as long as we are willing to pay 'The Cost.'” He continues, “At times that Cost is too high or too unknown and we’re left to figure it out. This song is a reflection of the toll that Cost can take on a person.” This sentiment is almost too familiar, especially at a time of year when folks are sorting out how to“finish the year strong” or begin contemplating New Year resolutions. Regardless of where you stand, this track offers the perfect soundtrack to reassess and, if necessary, reset.

Give Gene Noble’s “The Cost” a spin below, and you might just find yourself re-evaluating how you move and how you allow folks to move in your life. Add it to your mellow mood playlist and get ready for his new EP Elevation, which is due out February 2019.

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