Jennifer Hudson Highlights The Strength Of Women In The Struggle In ‘I’ll Fight’

The struggle for equality is realer than ever in this age of "fake news" and #MeToo. But while it seems the powers that be are against us, we're lucky to have people who will stand and fight the good fight. We also have anthems like Jennifer Hudson's "I'll Fight," her contribution to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary RBG. The song, penned by lauded songwriter Diane Warren, speaks to the heart of women in the struggle and is an inspiring listen. So it's not surprising that Jennifer and Diane look to women warriors past and present for the song's visual.

It seems as though the song, first released back in May, wasn't going to get the video treatment. However, the huge turnout of voters in the recent midterm election had the ladies inspired. In fact,  they said in a statement that they "released their music video to the song as an anthem for everyone who cast a ballot to make their voices heard, and as a reminder that fighting for your views goes beyond just one day or a year." To that effect, the video features footage from protests both past and present as people, especially women, unite against injustice. Ginsburg is, of course, heavily featured but she's not the only icon. We also get glimpses of Gloria SteinemRosa ParksAnita Hill and a wealth of other history makers who took a stand for what they believe in. Outside of the footage, JHud stands resolute as she sings the anthem with a quiet resolve and soul-stirring energy. Diane even shows up near the clip's end, injecting some levity with an infectious energy and sense of celebration.

As we buckle in for what's sure to be a battle for the next few years, let these powerful women inspire us to keep pushing and fighting for ourselves and those who will come after us. Watch Jennifer Hudson deliver that message in "I'll Fight" below.

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