KYLE & Alessia Cara Make A Grown-Up Statement About Love On ‘Babies’

Rapper/singer KYLE has had some pretty notable collaborations with fellow rising stars. He worked with West Coast singer Kehlani on his single “Playinwitme” and on his breakout hit “iSpy” he collaborated with Lil Yachty. Continuing in the lighthearted vein of those previous efforts, the star of Netflix’s The After Party has teamed up with yet another young artist Alessia Cara on “Babies.”

On “Babies,” KYLE and Cara cover the growing pains of love, from being insecure to wearing your heart on your sleeve. It might sound a little emo, but it’s also very real. They come to the conclusion that it’s okay to have these feelings, and it’s just a part of life and growing up. They’re just “Babies” after all. They’re learning about love, companionship and all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that come along with a relationship. For a song titled, “Babies,” it’s actually a mature exploration of what it means to be in love. Especially considering there are so many people of a certain age who aren’t this introspective.

The video for "Babies" features a whimisical world of cardboard, paper mache and raw imagination. It's almost like a Rugrats cartoon come to life. The clip begins with KYLE talking to his girlfiriend in the hallway of an apartment building, obviously having a tense conversation. Our hero then walks down the hall and enters a fairy tale forest straight out of a Disney parody, featuring oversized picnic food. The video also features many other zany visuals, such as Alessia flying through the sky with angel wings, a giant "Gyalzilla" rampaging through Toronto and the duet partners working together at a 1-800 hotline for love readings.

“Babies" is featured on KYLE’s debut album, Light Of Mine, which dropped earlier this year. Meanwhile, we’re anxiously awaiting Alessia Cara’s sophomore album, The Pains Of Growing, scheduled to be released on November 30th.

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