Rhye Brings Quiet Sensuality To COLORS With A ‘Song For You’

While our faves don't always get the recognition we feel they deserve, we're glad there are outlets like COLORS that show them love and give them exposure. They've shown their multi-hued spotlight on artists like Snoh Aalegra and Gavin Turek of late. Now sensual music makers Rhye are the latest to paint the studio with their own hue of soul.

The collective, led by singer-songwriter Mike Milosh, look to recent album Blood to give us an intimate performance of "Song For You." The quiet love song, with its almost lullaby-like feel, is a perfect choice for the setting. Milosh's quiet whisper of a voice is crisp and soothing as it drifts over the soft arrangement of keys, lilting guitar and faint percussion. However, though there's an ease to the affair, he manages to convey an urgent longing that has pretty much become his signature since arriving on the scene. With the cold of winter already upon us a few weeks early, the song and its performance on the forest green-colored set (which somehow feels perfectly appropriate for the song) make us want to snuggle up with our boos and put it on repeat.

If you need a little bit of soft and easy in your day, then you've come to the right place. Allow Rhye to take you away with their COLORS performance of "Song For You" below.

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