Ro James Is Haunted By Heartbreak In ‘Excuse Me’

When we last heard from Ro James, he was giving the woman in his life a piece of his mind on the single "Excuse Me." See, he was playing his part in the relationship, but she wasn’t quite handling her end of the bargain. But as Ro let her know, “You got the right one.” Of course, in any relationship, you’re still going to feel some kind of way, or multiple types of ways, even when everything is over. It’s that part of the break-up that Ro explores in the video for the track.

Directed by Grant Guratola, the concept is that Ro is haunted by his lingering feelings for a past lover. The video starts with his girl sitting up in bed, wearing a veil and skirt to a wedding dress in the moonlight. The camera then pans to Ro in another room lamenting the relationship. Then we get footage of the two in happier times while on vacation at a lake house. Throughout the clip, Ro and his lover are covered in a hazy lighting to add a haunting effect and highlight the feelings of the characters. The red lighting showcases their underlying anger, while the blue lighting gives the illusion of calm. Don't be deceived, though. There's more going on here than meets the eye, and by the end of the video Ro's leading lady's true nature is revealed.

“Excuse Me” is the first single from Ro James' next project, Mirrors, expected to be released sometime in 2019. Mirrors will follow his Smoke EP, which was released earlier this year.

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