Shay Lia Is Looking To Break ‘The Cycle’

Did you spend your Thanksgiving with an ungrateful boo bringing you down? Now that things are winding down and 2019 is on the horizon, it might be time to start making plans to leave that loser in 2018. Just in case you don't know how, allow songstress Shay Lia to show you how it's done. The singer has been on one all year, dropping singles like "Cherish" and "Funky Thang" and added extra oomph to our playlists in the process. Now she's back and she's got another banger in the form of breakup jam "The Cycle."

Shay links up with Sango for this one, allowing the beatsmith to bless her with one of his moody, atmospheric grooves as she prepares to kick her no-good man to the curb. "You had me the way you always wanted / Why the f**k would you taint that s**t you promised?" she asks on the first verse. "I gotta give you props for trying / Doing the most, but damn boy it's tiring / And I’m sorry that you wanna be this way." The song's production matches the mood her vocal sets, with airy synths the only things backing her up on the verse. But just like her mood, things soon change on the chorus. Thick, deep bass rattles speakers while her words shake the table that was her dysfunctional relationship. "You know what to do since you think you know best / Go take a hike, I don’t need that 'round here," she sings. And she shuts any thoughts of reconciliation down as well, singing, "Don’t hit my line when you’re feeling lonely." Welp!

While we definitely wouldn't recommend getting on Shay Lia's bad side — especially if you're living that trife life — we highly recommend you give this jam a spin. Take a listen to Shay Lia's lastest right here.

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