The Black Eyed Peas Channel The Jazz Vanguard In ‘New Wave’

Enough cannot be said about how great Masters Of The Sun, the most recent effort from The Black Eyed Peas, is. The effort is a return to form for the crew whom we once feared had been lost to their pop chart aspirations. The fellas have also been bringing it visually with engaging and amazing videos in support of the project. After giving us their gold-plated vision of "Dopeness" and getting Insta-political for "Yes Or No," they're now evoking the timeless cool of jazz in the clip for their song "New Wave."

A black-and-white motif is applied once again for the visual, though they add in color via lighting effects that shade the entire screen in dramatic gold and teal hues. They also included a few homages to classic Blue Note covers from the 1950s and '60s by borrowing a few of the label's signature design aesthetics. Other than those touches, though,, Taboo and unofficial Pea Jessica Reynoso are giving it to us straight, no chaser in the performance component as it's just them, a band and a room full of too-cool-for-school people ready to snap along to the groove. It's a vibe that will definitely remind you of Digable Planets' video for "Rebirth Of Slick" but with a slightly more polished 2018 approach.

With The Black Eyed Peas seemingly on track to put out a clip for each song on the album, we can't wait to see if they'll get around to some of our personal faves from the set (like the Esthero-featuring "4Ever" *hint hint*). Whether they do or not, though, we're definitely loving what this current era of BEP has to offer. Check out their jazzy ways in "New Wave" below.

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