Bibi Bourelly Knows What She Wants Under Her ‘Xmas Tree’

Holiday music often runs the risk of treading the same old ground. However, one look at the cover for Bibi Bourelly's latest, "Xmas Trees," quickly makes it clear that the singer's wish list for Santa is far from standard fare.

Just in case the marijuana leaf that has replaced a traditional Christmas tree isn't clear enough for you, the bouncy single makes her intentions perfectly clear as she sings, "I hope Santa Claus smokes weed / Yes, I do / I hope it's tree under the Christmas tree." From there, she rattles off her other non-traditional requests like getting iced out and having a "fatter booty."

It's a light-hearted and festive take on the sometimes somber and reflective sounds of the season, making it a perfect selection for anyone who doesn't take this time of year too seriously. Bourelly's voice rings out light and clear over the reggae-tinged track making it easy to bop along to regardless if you are partaker of the green or not. The catchiness of the lyrics makes this a shoe-in to get stuck in the heads of listeners. Hit play below and see if you'll be humming along to Bourelly's ode to a different type of Xmas tree.

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