Brent Faiyaz Celebrates Real Friendship In ‘Around Me’

Underground singer Brent Faiyaz became a man of interest after appearing on GoldLink’s breakout single “Crew” singing the hook. In addition, his track “Too Fast" as part of the group Sonder was heavily featured in promotions for season 2 of the hit TV show Atlanta. With his star continuing to rise, the singer is contemplating who’s going to be around when all the glitz and glamor stops on “Around Me.”

“I don’t give a damn about them / I’mma do me / And if I had to choose between you and me, I’mma choose me,” Brent matter-of-factly states on the chorus. Against a somber backdrop of synths and drums, Brent gives us his TED Talk on fake industry relationships. While his voice tells us he’s feeling vulnerable, the lyrics let us know he’s also resolute that he won’t let fame or fortune define him.

In the video for the track, Brent celebrates his true friends by doing what friends do best – bulls***ing. Directed by Lone Wolf, the clip takes us through various scenes of Brent chilling on the couch and with his various associates, drinking, smoking, chilling and just enjoying each other’s company. But, more than just a scene from the opening credits of Friends, the clip uses different techniques to show changes in time, space and stages of his various relationships. It’s a simple concept executed extremely well.

“Around Me” is featured on Brent Faiyaz’s second EP Lost, which was released this past October. Press play to watch Brent go through some changes and the motions.

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