Quincy Gives Us An Artistic Flex In ‘Sorry Kids’

One can only fathom how the tragic loss of his mother Kim Porter is affecting Quincy. He's spoken very little about the loss other than a couple posts expressing his love for her and thanking fans for their condolences after the fact. However, it looks like he's throwing himself into his work as he attempts to heal. He recently hit social to let his "Qrew" know that he has a whole slew of records on the way. But first, he drops the anticipated video for his single "Sorry Kids."

"Sorry Kids" finds Quincy in full flex mode as he lets folks know that he's been that dude. He's also showing that he's not just a singer as he spits rhymes over the song's drowsy synth groove, skittering hi-hats and heavy bass thump. He takes that flex even further in the video by surrounding himself with modern art at a gallery. Quincy rocks several fly 'fits throughout the video's runtime and almost just as many hairstyles as he reiterates again and again why exactly he's the ish and why you're girl not-so-secretly wants to be with him. Oh, and he also takes a few shots at folks in the process, including calling out the new crop of face-tattooed mumble rappers that seem to sprout up every week. All in all, it looks like he's just a young, rich black man having a blast and who can be mad at that?

Will you be feeling Quincy's latest? Take a peek at "Sorry Kids" below to find out.

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