Andreya Triana Remembers The Bright Side Of Being ‘Broke’

As she gears up to release her third album, singer/songwriter Andreya Triana continues to feed the appetite of anxious and adoring fans. Her latest single “Broke” is tender throwback to her humble beginnings. Over a soulful track laced with impassioned piano chords punctuated with fiery horns, she tells a tale of resilience and the importance of recognizing the things in life that are of lasting value. Her tone is strong and sincere as she sings, “‘Cause I’m broke / Oh, but that’s yesterday’s news / And I live in hope / That tomorrow comes good / If it all falls down / Then my feet won’t touch the ground / ‘Cause money comes and goes / But I’m a rich woman with you.”

The British beauty says the single is a shout out to “anyone that’s had to live off baked beans and make a tenner last a lifetime.” She continues, “It was inspired by a particular time in my life, but I’m forever thankful to my friends and mum for always being there to help me out. After all, if we have love then we have the ultimate riches.” This reminder is especially timely given the hundreds of thousands of Americans impacted by the partial government shutdown. Instead of focusing on the uncertainty of it all, hopefully those affected will find comfort in surrounding themselves with those who offer unyielding love and support.

Give Andreya Triana's new song “Broke” a spin below, and be sure to pre-order her forthcoming album Life In Colour from your favorite digital platform. The project is due to be released on March 1st, and SoulBouncers across the pond can grab tickets to experience all the new music live at EartH (Hackney Arts Centre) in London.

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